Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Out Of Sudden

hmmm... its been a year since I last time blog! :)

just feel like come and drop few words here.. yesh.. out of sudden.. :)

u feel something?


Im started to emo again!

lots of things going through my mind...


sort of, friendship.. relationship.. family..

friendship are hard to maintain..

relationship also hard to live together, tolerate each other..

family, as long as u willing to spare some times together with them, listen to them, talk to them, slowly, u will feel the bond between them...

honestly, i feel i starting to talk crap.. right?

u feel it too?

yea..cause iM EmoinG!!!

tats y!!


its been a time since i can stay awake, ALONE.. LOL

since my bb always wait for me to sleep..


yesh.. im talking crap again...


really? :)


anyway, i just feel like to drop sth here.. since its been a year since i blog..


I shud stop listen to those EMO songs! LOL!

Tats why I said we shouldnt keep listening to those EmO songs!! XD

its 605am now..

i shud stay on the bed and get some sleep...


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