Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Out Of Sudden

hmmm... its been a year since I last time blog! :)

just feel like come and drop few words here.. yesh.. out of sudden.. :)

u feel something?


Im started to emo again!

lots of things going through my mind...


sort of, friendship.. relationship.. family..

friendship are hard to maintain..

relationship also hard to live together, tolerate each other..

family, as long as u willing to spare some times together with them, listen to them, talk to them, slowly, u will feel the bond between them...

honestly, i feel i starting to talk crap.. right?

u feel it too?

yea..cause iM EmoinG!!!

tats y!!


its been a time since i can stay awake, ALONE.. LOL

since my bb always wait for me to sleep..


yesh.. im talking crap again...


really? :)


anyway, i just feel like to drop sth here.. since its been a year since i blog..


I shud stop listen to those EMO songs! LOL!

Tats why I said we shouldnt keep listening to those EmO songs!! XD

its 605am now..

i shud stay on the bed and get some sleep...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green City

21 April 2009, Tuesday, 08:01pm

Its the second day I work at "Green City Concept" company.. The first day was like so boring not because of the job or what but they are just too busy and didnt give me anywork so I just sit there and do nothing =.=" but today is abit different.. LOL! I really feel like I'm a office girl now..haha! =P Im looking forward tomoro.. hehe! Our company have 2 main products which are iTransfer and WondeRing.. hmm..let me explain abit on this two main products.. iTransfer is a credit transfer from Brunei DST mobile to 5 countries -Malaysia, Bangladesh, Philipines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Now then I know have this kind of service.. haha! Of course, it have to charge lor.. for example, I wanna transfer credit (RM 50) to malaysia line - Digi - it will charge me around $12.. hmm.. XD but I think this services is mainly for the indonesian, bangladesh and philipinos..

Our company second product is WondeRing which is a ring back tone but its only for DST user not for B-Mobile user.. =( so I have to go and take a DST line.. As a worker at the company, we have to use the product as well... XD but mine is free of chrge wor.. =P kaka!

hmm..what to say? erm.. Nowadays really got nothing to write in this blog.. hehe!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Job I found myself! =P

14 April 2009, Tuesday, 08:28pm

Finally, the day has passed.. Phew.. I had my second interview today at 9am.. I supposed to wake up at 7am and then follow our bis sister, Su Ling car to go interview.. but then........I overslept.. I know I know.. you guys must be thinking, really!!! like you are the first time overslept.. No!! You are wrong!! The problem is my phone.. Something is wrong with my handphone battery! =( so my alarm can't work as well.. =( but still I managed to find a car to go Kiulap there and meet the boss.. =P (I'm not late oh..kaka)

Anyway, it is going smoothly this morning.. Everything is full of suprised! LOL! Why is it so suprised? hehe.. I didnt expect so much thing! The salary, the position I'm gonna sit for.. I'm just too happy.. don't know how to explain here.. LOL!

Anyway, I'm going to down to miri to celebrate it.. LOL! Eventhough I can't really confirm that I could stay in that company for quite long time (doesn't mean that I want to quit or what but is whether I can make up to their expectation). but at least I now have a job for me to prove to anyone what is my capabilities.. Right? =P

Aww...I just can't wait to work! LOL!! I'm gonna wear office wear and gonna work in a office with bunch of peoples and gonna off duty at 5pm!!! LOL!!! XD but there is one thing I'm very worried about..which is, how am I gonna go to work? =( working hour for this whole house of members is 10am.. >.< mine is 8am.. duh! *headache*

P/S: I'm just so excited and my mind is completely blank right now! dunno what shud I write here.. LOL!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Interview...

13 April 2009. Monday, 3:30pm

Its been a while I did not blog adi huh.. =P lately I've addicted to hand drawing comics.. I tried to draw few comics just to express how is my mood, how do I feel on that particular day.. It is interesting though.. hehe.. Its a good start to become a future Architect.. Hahahahaha! Jk.. =.=" hehe.. Comics are real hard to draw, not to mention you want to draw it out to express your feeling.. =( I have been drawing for few days only lar.. Actually, why would I suddenly wanted to draw? Is because I wanna show it to my baby, since he cant really understand what I'm always trying to let him know by my action, so here come my comics.. =P

Anyway, aren't I suppose to blog about my interview? LOL!! Today, me, Micky Chia can count as first time went to interview "alone".. Its kinda awkward situation when they interviewed me.. >.< The conclusion is, my first time interview is success! XD They called me right after the interview (around 1hour?) and asked me to go for second interview.. hehe.. Tomoro, 9am!

Wish me luck my friend..

My back is aching adi, so I try to speed up blogging just to go have a rest later.. LOL!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Bruise Easily

My skin is like a map, of where my heart has been
And I can't hide the marks, but it's not a negative thing
So I let down my guard, drop my defences, down by my clothes
I'm learning to fall, with no safety net, to cushion the blow

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart, carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

I've found your finger prints on a glass of wine
Do you know you're leaving them all over this heart of mine too
But if I never take this leap of faith I'll never know
So I'm learning to fall with no safety net to cushion the blow

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

Anyone who, can touch you, can hurt you, or heal you
Anyone who, can reach you, can love you, or leave you

So be gentle
So be gentle
So be gentle
So be gentle

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart, carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily,

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart, carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

I bruise easily
I bruise easily......

A very Good Morning to everyone..

03 April 09, Friday 0726am

What a new day to start again.. I have surfing the net all night long and decided to take a rest, a goodnight sleep but end up I still awake and thinking to blog.. At 6am, after I done everything that I should do which are - browsed through the website that a friend of mine gave to me and I have sent all CV that I should send to.. there goes my sleeping time.. I decided to sleep but who knows I can't sleep.. *sigh* I have been thinking a lot of things while I lying on the bed.. The person I met, the things I've done, and the time I've wasted.. I realized that I really have passed lots of opportunity..

And now I am awake, in front of my old laptop trying to drop down how am I feeling right now.. =.=" I'm not feeling well.. Those sickness just can't leave me I guess..

Anyway, I have a thought that I couldnt understand.. Why does those people thinks that I am unable to work? Why does those people thinks that I can't work properly? Why? Why? Why? Isit because I love to have fun? Isit because I played a lot? Isit because of my personality? Isit because of my attitude?? or isit because of my face written that I unable to work??? Isit??? Damn!!! I just don't understand..I just don't! and the funny thing is a friend of mine who also love to have fun and do go out to play or hangout with me, they still do gave her apportunity to try to work for them!! *chuckle* Funny right?? Why?? Why???

And why everytime have people offered me a job but then in the end, end up they asking something back from me! I was thinking, isit because of my attitude? isit because of my look? isit because of my personality?! damn..I'm really tired of this! Why can't they just offer me a job and let me try and see my performance??!!! I don't think that I'm useless until that level..I don't think that I can't even do properly a freaking job! I don't think that I can't stop having fun and settle down!! I think I can do it! I think I can do what the company ask me to do! I think I can sacrifice a lot just to get a freaking job! I know I can!!! but Why?!?!!??!?! Why???!?!?!?!?! Why I just don't deserve a chance to prove?!? Why?!?!

I just need a chance! Please.. I'm exausted!! I'm tired!! Please let me try!!! At least give me a chance to prove to everyone that me, Micky Chia, can work! can sacrifice!! *crying* I don't want people to look down on me! and they do!!! I'm not that useless!! I had enough of these things! Enough!!!! I'm tired!! Could anyone please tell me what I should do? Damn!!! Why would I so pathetic?!?!?! Why?? and why u people have to make me feel so pathetic?! Isit because of my F*cking attitude??

I am tired.. Even the closest people also look down on me! They think I am trash! Yea, I do admitted that I used to have fun a lot and played a lot! but that doesn't mean that I can't do anything! Right? the thing is whether I willing to sacrifice the "fun" times only.. Please anyone, tell me, am I right?

Everything I do, they just can't accept! They for sure will have a lot of comments of it! I grown up maybe not that mature enough, but still I have my own thinking! and I know what I am doing! I went through a lot by myself!! by myself!!!!! No one were there guiding me!!! No one were there telling me what is wrong what is right!! and all those things that I knew I discovered by myself! I go through with myself!! I have learned a lot of things!! By myself as well!!!! Even my family, they were not there when I need them!! There were NOT THERE!!! When I the most down and most suffer, I tried to ask for their help, NO!!! the answer is NO!!! Always NO!!!! Why!!! and now they try to judge everything I do!!! I know I shouldn't have this kind of thoughts! but why?! Why when the time I need them the most, they just Freaking IGNORED ME!!!! I used to think I am ALL ALONE!!! Everything I have to do it myself!!! yesh!! I know!! I am a grown up woman now! and i should do it myself! but at least, when I need U, can u please Stand up and lend me ur shoulder?!?!

A lot of people told me that family is the most important people in the world! no one will stand by your side when U feeling down but your family! That's a bullshit for me!!! BULLSHIT!!!! I know I shouldn't saying like this but why? why they treated me like this! yes I know I have been very unobedient when I was young, but I'm still your child! YOUR CHILD!!! can u please show me a bit of care?! a bit of love?! not just keep pouring those freaking cold water at me!! I do! I do tried when I needed them the most, I do tried to go back and ask for their care and love!!! but how did they treated me?? How?? You can't blamed me that I cared my friends more than you do! because u did nothing for me! at least when I need somebody there to listen to rub my hair or hug me, my friends are there for me!

I can say that I really lack of care and love! I just need somebody there when I'm feeling down and don't no what to do! Thats it! I ask no more!

I used to trusted a lot of people! I used to trusted them when they say they really wiling to help me! I am!! but everytime! everytime!! everytime I trust them, for sure they were asking me favor to return! this does not mean like I have to work for them like hell or what!! They were asking sth which I really couldn't give!! my body!! F**K!!!! I am so stupid!!! How could I believed what they offering me for nothing in return! Why?!?!?! I really have enough of this! I just want to live normal life! I don't want to involve in what trading business! because of this, there goes my precious hair..

Alright.. I am very "emo" now..I know.. and really sorry for those bad words coming out from my mouth! I just want to release it out..

I really decided to work, to settle down.. not by keep having fun all the times.. I just hope there is an opportunity for me to prove to everyone that I, Micky Chia can work can live the normal people's lived their life! I can! and I willing to sacrifice my times.. I really do.. I do not want they will only thinks that ahh micky cant work, micky cant do, micky cant stop playing, micky cant stop fooling around, micky is a failure!

Please..I just need a chance! I just need an opportunity to prove..Wait.. I will wait.. I'm trying hard to get a job right now which I never do before.. I know I've let a lot of people down on me.. I used to.. but now.. I changed! I've changed! and I know I can do it! and I will do it!!! you guys out there (whoever looking down on me) wait and watch!! I'm gonna make you guys popped out your eye ball!!!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My baobei just now just sent me those my old times photos!! XD Im so excited to post it up here..haha! to show how much I changed and how short my hair time by time.. kaka.. =P hmm..
After think back those days..I suddenly miss all of them so much.. wuwu.. T.T Foundation time is the happiest and the craziest moment for me at Curtin.. =P

Our gang hang out together, study together, cook together, sleep together, walk together but we havent bath together lah.. hehe.. Baobei also said that she misses that time so much..I know why bah..because that time I was with her at Curtin ma.. wuahaha! Those are the pictures she sent me just now..awww...so memorable..haha..she keep saying that, tat time I was the cutest..chey! I know wats her mean..She wanna say I'm not cute at all now ma..chey! bleks..don care..! since my hair will grow back..hmmp~ bleks! ok, lets start with our pictures.. hehe

Thats baobei and me..^^ outside the classroom? Am I right? hehe..

and this one is in the com-lab~ hehe..I still remember, this is my first time color my hair..haha

after cut and color my hair, i started to feel boring with my hair adi, so I go curled it.. =.=" that doesnt look good on me..but who cares? haha..at least I tried before..bleks! not like somebody..don dare to try anything still wanna critic me ugly! hmmp!
This picture is taken at Irene's room..
Irene (the unwanted-ciang jing tou) wuahaha, baobei and me.. ^^

Baobao and Me!!! =P
If not mistaken, is after we played games right baobao? what course adi ar? I have no idea bout it.. hehe..I just remember that time we pulled the rope right? hehe.. I wore skirt lagi that day.. =.="

This is taken on last year! during christmas! hehe..not long ago.. =P

This one ley is taken on New Year Eve.. =P

and this one!! is right now d MickY! wuahahahaha!!! =P just taken few minutes ago.. =P
Ke Ai Daoooooooooooooooooooo~ muahahaha =P

hehe..feel satisfied after post this up..wuahaha..miss those days..wuwu..feel like going back to school.. =( feel like studying with baobao and baobei.. feel like doing assignment with my team.. feel like arguing with them when we discussing something at the canteen there.. feel like looking at those cute guys who walk pass us at Canteen..wuahahaha! =( chiu..writing this down, make me feel sad only.. I wanna study!! I wanna back to the old school! Back to the old school! Back to the old school! (singing =.= haha)
Anyway, I will just keep the memories when I'm still at Curtin and with all my "special" friends in a special box..hehe.. =P sweet memory.. =P Eventhough not all of us are stilll keep in touch but we did have a great time together..kaka!